Best Friends

There really is something special about capturing such majestic photographs of animals that can’t seem to stand still…ever. Dogs are just as diverse as humans when it comes to personality and that is something that comes across very well in photographs. My work allows for a lot of natural light which only emphasizes the organic nature of these photographs.

Canon Digital Rebel T3i
Canon 50mm f/1.8 Lens

Photos by Maddy 

You can find me here: [website | tumblr | behance | flickr | wishlist]



For fungii

I don’t really use lines much anymore, unless the style calls for it. (ie: chars had thick black lines -> bg will have m too).

I sketch my scene, maybe do a color test. Then I extrude the shapes like this. I still need to work on choosing the right balance in not making the pieces look to plastic if they aren’t made of plastic, haha.

MAYBE YOU meant something else tho;; haha the pre-this phase or something.